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Shan Maw Myae Co.,Ltd.
Head Office: No.(243), 1st floor (left), Bo Aung Kyaw street (middle block), Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone : +95-9-73010411, 33309055, (Ext : 206, 306).

Shwe Hin Tha

One of the premium quality mangoes with yellow colour. Size in medium and yellow coloured pulp has different flavor and aroma from other mango.


Subject Sein Ta Lone Yin Kwe Shwe Hin Tha Ma Thi
Colour Pale Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
Length (mm) 115.50 123.33 125.00 123.60
Width (mm) 30.00 73.00 60.67 90.00
Weight (gm) 397.00 335.80 257.37 493.50
Seed-weight (gm) 32.20 31.87 15.07 33.72
Fresh (gm) 364.80 307.93 242.30 459.79
Pulp color Yellow Dark Yellow Pale Yellow Yellow
Thickness (mm) 19.50 22.33 30.67 28.80
Tissue tension 3.05 - 2.95 2.96
Sweetness (Brix) 17.50 17.17 15.40 18.00
Fibre Nil Less Nil Less

Our mango

Shan Maw Myae Co., Ltd. manufacturer of organic fertilizer try to organize mango growers to produce chemical free; Organic mangos by forming mango growers’ company community based network system. Due to awareness training performed by the Technicians of the company mango growers follow the good practice in pest and disease protection, using organic fertilizers, post-harvesting methods and packing systems to meet the International market. Moreover, perineum quality mangos have been well established in local hyper and super marks of all over the country with branded of Shan Maw Myae logo.

Note - any variety of mangoes can be ordered to SMM trading Co.,

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Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
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